Aeon Soul is a set of Exotic Gauntlets available to the Warlock class.

  • This item will be received the first time the player completes the Curse of Osiriscampaign while playing as a Warlock.
    • The player is limited to receiving 1 item from the Aeon Cult family per account as a campaign reward.
    • This item, along with Aeon Safe and Aeon Swift, may also be obtained from Exotic Engrams.
  • Aeon energy icon1.png
    Aeon Energy- Throwing grenades grants the following to nearby Aeon Cult allies:
    • Grenade energy to Warlocks
    • Melee energy to Titans
    • Dodge energy to Hunters
      • Other allies receive a fraction of the shared energy.
  • Mobility enhancement mod icon1.png
    Mobility Enhancement Mod- Increased Mobility.
    • Increases Mobility by 1.
  • Plasteel reinforcement mod icon1.png
    Plasteel Reinforcement Mod- Increased Resilience.
    • Increases Resilience by 1.
Perk 1
  • Fastball - Increases grenade throw distance.
Perk 2
  • Special Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Special ammo on kill.