• Survival Well - Generates an additional Orb of Light from Supers and a healing pulse when barricade is activated.
  • Plasteel reinforcement mod icon1.png
    Plasteel Reinforcement Mod- Increased Resilience.
    • Increases Resilience by 1.
  • Restorative mod icon1.png
    Restorative Mod- Increased Health Recovery.
    • Increases Recovery by 1.
Perk 1
  • Unflinching Pulse Rifle Aim - Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Pulse Rifles.
Perk 2
  • Primary Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Primary ammo on kill.
How to Obtain
Exotic engram, vendor reward (per turning in respected reputation items), nightfall reward and also luminous engrams.

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi was an Exotic Armor in Destiny 1
  • The Healing Pulse when activating a Barricade heals for 25% of the player's total health.
Near-gods must believe in greater gods. But every power is finite, every life shorter than it wishes.

Only an astonishing mind can truly appreciate just how tiny it is when set against the known universe; and how insignificant the known becomes when it is devoured by what isn't seen and can't be comprehended.

As darkness begins to claim their ragged souls, you look ahead to find a great power pouring out of you-a face of fire and golden light.

That blazing wonder, a gift from the great-eyed god, is their salvation. Or are you? Perhaps you are the greater god now.