• Horns of doom icon1.png
    Horns of Doom — Void melee kills give Super energy. Improves Sentinel Shield.
  • 1 General Armor Mod socket
  • 2 Arms Armor Mod sockets
This item can be obtained randomly from Exotic Engrams, and is occasionally sold by Xûr.

"It was a Warlock who first worked out that the fangs could be used as some kind of conductive amplifier when specific light frequencies were run through 'em. I don't know the science. That's not for me. I just know they work. And in battle what works is what's best.

"Is it weird? Yeah. Maybe. Science fangs and space magic. But I've seen enough strange out there to understand normal ain't the norm. Anyway, the Warlock called 'em 'Bio-Conductive Trouble Breakers'. I call 'em 'Doom Fangs' 'cause of the fang, which is obvious, and then there's the doom we tend to inflict on a situation.

"Plus it just sounds cooler."