Dunemarchers are a set of Exotic Leg Armor available to the Titan class.

  • This item was also available in Destiny 1.
  • While equipped, sprint speed is increased by approximately 10%.
  • The static charge takes 5 seconds of uninterrupted sprinting to build.
  • The charge lasts for 5 seconds after sprinting has stopped, or the player lands a melee attack.
  • While charged, the guardian's hands spark with electricity.
  • Chain damage is approximately 22% of the damage dealt by the player's melee strike, and pulses twice. The shock is launched from the target's body.
  • Linear Actuators - Increased Sprint speed. Sprinting builds up a static charge. After melee attacking an enemy, that charge will chain damage to nearby enemies.
  • Mobility enhancement mod icon1.png
    Mobility Enhancement Mod- Increased Mobility.
    • Increases Mobility by 1.
  • Restorative mod icon1.png
    Restorative Mod- Increased Health Recovery.
    • Increases Recovery by 1.
Perk 1
  • Perpetuation - Reduces class ability cooldown when using your class ability.
Perk 2
  • Primary Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Primary ammo on kill.
Ikora, I've done the best I can. Their language is moronic; I've had more interesting conversations with Titan recruits. Still, if true this is… enlightening. —Asher

File Fragment 783737902-1, recovered from Cabal Centurion corpse at Firebase Delphi

1: Deployment as planned. Still carry the honor silk from the dispatch ceremony. Proud to serve the emperor.

2: Word has reached us of the [untranslateable] Ghaul's assault on the Trappist system. Death to warlords!

3: The traitor [untranslateable] Calus has claimed another Primus. The Siege Dancers will not forget!

4: Skyburners in ruins. Dark King ascendant. We must hold this world for the emperor!

5: The Primus has given the order. We are to stand as long as we can against the [untranslateable] Ghaul. Glory to the one true emperor.