Helm of Saint-14 is an Exotic Helmet available to the Titan class.

  • This item offers unique bonuses to the Sentinel subclass.
  • This item was also available in Destiny 1.
  • Starless Night - Your Ward of Dawn blinds enemies that enter it. Guarding with Sentinel Shield temporarily blinds nearby enemies.
  • Plasteel reinforcement mod icon1.png
    Plasteel Reinforcement Mod- Increased Resilience.
    • Increases Resilience by 1.
  • Restorative mod icon1.png
    Restorative Mod- Increased Health Recovery.
    • Increases Recovery by 1.
Perk 1
  • Auto Rifle Targeting - Improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for Auto Rifles and Trace Rifles.
Perk 2