Synthoceps are a set of Exotic Gauntlets available to the Titan class.

  • While this item is equipped, melee lunge range is increased approximately 50%.
  • Now grants a flat melee damage bonus for 8 seconds when you are surrounded by three or more enemies (3x in PvE, 2x in PvP).
  • This buff also increases Super damage while active (+50%).
  • Biotic Enhancements - Increased melee lunge range. Improved damage when surrounded.
  • Plasteel reinforcement mod icon1.png
    Plasteel Reinforcement Mod- Increased Resilience.
    • Increases Resilience by 1.
  • Restorative mod icon1.png
    Restorative Mod- Increased Health Recovery.
    • Increases Recovery by 1.
Perk 1
  • Fastball - Increases grenade throw distance.
Perk 2
  • Special Ammo Finder - Increases the drop chance of Special ammo on kill.