Perks - Curated Roll
  • Ravenous beast icon1.png
    Ravenous Beast - This weapon stores power when dealing or receiving damage. Once full, hold reload to unleash the beast.
Sight / Barrel
  • Extended barrel icon1.png
    Extended Barrel- Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases Range.
    • Decreases Handling Speed.
Magazine / Battery
  • Armor-piercing rounds icon1.png
    Armor-Piercing Rounds- Rounds cause extra damage to shields and overpenetrate targets.
    • Slightly increases Range.
Trait 1
  • Bottomless appetite icon1.png
    Bottomless Appetite - Dealing continuous damage extends the duration of Ravenous Beast.
Trait 2
  • Hand-Laid Stock- This weapon is optimized for recoil control.
    • Increases Stability.