fusion rifle

  1. Telesto


    Perks - Curated Roll Intrinsic Unplanned Reprieve - Fusion projectiles attach and detonate with a delayed Void blast. Sight / Barrel Projection Fuse- Distance optimizations. Increases Range. Magazine / Battery Harbinger's Pulse - Multikills with this weapon immediately reload your...
  2. One Thousand Voices

    One Thousand Voices

    Perks - Curated Roll Intrinsic Ahamkara's Eye - Charging this weapon unleashes a giant continuous beam of death. Sight / Barrel Extended Barrel- Weighty barrel extension. Increases Range. Decreases Handling Speed. Magazine / Battery Liquid Coils- Slower-building charge for higher...
  3. Merciless


    Perks - Curated Roll Intrinsic Conserve Momentum — Non-lethal hits with projectiles make this weapon charge faster until its wielder gets a kill. Sight / Barrel Chambered Compensator- Stable barrel attachment. Increases Stability. Improves Recoil Direction. Slightly decreases Handling...
  4. Jötunn


    Perks - Curated Roll Intrinsic Charge Shot — Hold to charge up a tracking shot that explodes and burns on impact. Sight / Barrel Volatile Launch- This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. Greatly increases Blast Radius. Slightly decreases Handling Speed. Slightly...
  5. Bastion


    Perks - Curated Roll Intrinsic Saint's Fists — Charge to fire 3 spreads of Kinetic slugs. Sight / Barrel Hammer-Forged Rifling- Durable ranged barrel. Increases Range. Magazine / Battery Liquid Coils- Slower-building charge for higher damage. Increases Impact damage. Slower Charge...